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Our History

Jamshedpur is known in history as the Steel City of India, but over time this city began warming up to the idea of becoming a sports center and more importantly, a center for golf. Perhaps, it was the leadership and vision of Jamshedji Tata who had great plans for this small town, or perhaps it was the fact that this small town was ideally located for golf. Part of the Chota Nagpur plateau, Jamshedpur is located in Jharkhand state, amid hills and is bordered by the Dalma hills from west to east and is covered with dense forests. Such idyllic surroundings were the inspiration for developing the region with golf courses. The Tata group promoted this sport actively and soon Jamshedpur became home to two golf courses–the Beldih Golf Course and the Golmuri Golf Course.

Both are in the heart of Jamshedpur. Of them, Beldih Golf Course is spread over an area of 6,000 yards and is a nine-hole course. The Golmuri Golf Course is an 18-hole course. Together, both these lush, courses hold the annual Tata Open Golf Tournament under the auspices of the Professional Golf Tour of India. It is also plays host to the Steel City Golf tournament in which local players and players from other clubs are invited to play. With the increasing attention this sport is getting these days, Jamshedpur is becoming famous for more than just steel. Golf has won this city a lot of laurels and we hope this will encourage more people, young and old, to take up this sport.

If you too are interested in learning this sport or would like to play when you are next in Jamshedpur, we warmly welcome you to our club.


Jamshedpur Golf Courses

Jamshedpur boasts of two golf courses – Beldih and Golmuri. Beldih is a nine hole golf course while Golmuri is an eighteen hole course. Read more…


Local Rules

Here’s a look at the local rules. Yardage markers on the fairways are measured to the front centre of the greens in Yards. Read more…


Procedure for Obtaining New Handicap

In order to obtain a new handicap please follow the following process. Read more…

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Jamshedpur Golf

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Presenting the Artistic Golf Landscape

If you are a remote golfer who loves watching the pro golf on weekends, then one image will surely form in your mind – The Golmuri Golf Course at Jamshedpur. It’s spectacular setting will make you want to reach that phone and make a reservation. The terrain is sprinkled with the lakes and ponds, trees, rolling hills and sandy bunkers. This fairly new golf course has also been developed meticulously. It is an 18 hole course and a fine alternative to the Beldih Golf Course. The course features memorable par 4s with devilish pot bunkers that challenges even the long hitters. Several features of the course forces the players to concentrate on their short game.

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